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Lake Allegan Carnival Kayak Run 2023

Saturday, August 26th will see the very first Carnival Kayak Run and I'm looking for volunteer dock hosts to help make this a reality. Kayakers will check in at a host location and play a carnival game to win tickets. Each dock host will be provided with the carnival game and supplies needed. The dock hosts will provide a small snack and a non-alcoholic beverage such as water, lemonade, iced tea, etc. to the kayakers. The kaykers will make their way to all of the available dock locations and finish up at the Torregrosa property, known as Luis' Landing. (the point at Breezy Acres). Maps will be provided to the participants so they know where to go for each of the games. At the end of the event, which should run about 3 hours total, we will gather, collect the tickets and draw for prizes. I had planned on an after party, but since there is now a big concert event the weekend before and the boat parade the weekend after, we'll just have adult beverages as desired. ;-) Host docks will need to be accessible so that the kayakers can get out to play the game and meet with the neighbors. There are lots of details to work out (such as parking) but what I really need early on are Volunteers to be hosts. Ideally would like 6-8 and the stations need to be in a close enough area that the event is manageable by paddlers. The homes by the dam are probably a bit far out for a non-motorized event like this. We have two volunteer homes so far, (thank you Carol Zigulich and Stacey Harbour) Send me an email or text if interested or you want more information. Thanks! Sharon Torregrosa

734 552-6280

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