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RECAP March 21, 2023 Community Meeting

We had our first in-person meeting of the Lake Allegan Association, Inc. community.  Click the button to get the video of the meeting. (Could we have done a better job with the camera? Yes, yes we could have.)

EPA's Jim Saric

Jim Saric, EPA Region 5, the man responsible for studying Lake Allegan and steering remediation solutions to clean up the PCBs in the soil and water, gave a presentatoin on the plan for Lake Allegan. The upshot of his presentation is that pulling out or containing the PCBs with plenty of water in the lake will be expensive but necessary. But, without plenty of water in the lake, that same work will cost so so so much more. Exponential growth of the costs of remediating our area is a motivating reason, though not the only one and not even the most important one, to save Lake Allegan.  If you get around to it, email Jim and thank him for coming to speak to us and giving such a great presentation.  (​Bonus Fun Fact: Jim Saric is in the Fishing Hall of Fame.​)   Click the picture of Jim to get his presentation slides.

Ryan Hurd Concert to Benefit Lake Allegan Association, Inc.

Tim Miller announced that Ryan Hurd, country music star, will play a benefit concert at the Griswold to benefit the Lake Allegan Association, Inc on August 19, 2023. All other details TBD. We are very grateful for Ryan Hurd, and the City of Allegan, as well as Tim Miller for dreaming up the idea in the first place and making it happen. 

Slogan Survey Summer 2023

Angie Parsons announced the winners of the slogan contest. The winner by far is "We Love Our Dam Lake." Here is a chart of the survey results where you can see some of the slogans you liked much much less. 

  • Click the chart - it will pop out and you can see the survey results. 

Lake Allegan Events as of March 22, 2023_edited.jpg

Summer at Lake Allegan

Lake Allegan Association, Inc. will be throwing lots of parties this summer and running a booth at Allegan events. We hope you can spend a few hours sitting with a couple of our neighbors to run the booths. A partial calendar is attached. More details TBD. 

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