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Lake Allegan Association, Inc.

The Lake Allegan Association, Inc. is devoted to the care, improvement and conservation of Lake Allegan.

We are 390 members strong.


 Our Mission

1. Build Community.

2. Improve Lake Allegan.

3. Save Lake Allegan for

    generations to come.

How We Work Together

The Lake Allegan Association, Inc. is managed by a Board of Directors and holds monthly community meetings. 


We have eight committees actively working to build Lake Allegan for today and tomorrow:

Community Outreach

people and parties


Media & Communications

press and communications strategy and executions


Law & Policy

laws governing the lake and the dam and how they impact policy


Environment & Fish Passage

the science of the lake and implementing fish passage at Calkins Dam


Lake Planning

future plans for Lake Allegan


Strategic Partnerships

working with partners to preserve and improve the lake


Errands & Tasks

errands and tasks and filling in gaps when needed



If you would like to join a committee or get involved in any way, fill out our questionnaire

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