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Consumers Needs Your Permission To Bury Wires On Your Land

Consumers Energy has embarked on a project to make our power around Lake Allegan more reliable. Part of this project is buyring wires underground so they don't get knocked down by wind or snow and rebuilding overhead lines to be more resilient. But, to bury wires on your property, they need permission from you. So, Consumers Energy and its contractors may have asked you or may be asking you to sign an easement giving them that permission.

When someone approaches you from Consumers Energy, you should verify that the person is in fact a representative from Consumers Energy.

How to Verify that the Consumers Energy Rep is Legit:

  1. Call Consumers Energy Security Command – (800) 760-3295

*If the regular 800 number is called, they will need to ask to speak with Security Command as those in the Call Center may not have access to the proper records to verify.


2. Check the badges and door hangers. Below are pictures of the badges worn by both CE employees and authorized contractors, along with a picture of the door hangers that may be left by agents if people aren’t home when they visit.  

Official Consumers Energy Door Hanger

Official Consumers Energy Badges

3. Below are the people currently working on this project.

Bill Jenness – Real Estate Project Manager (Consumers Energy)

Jeff Goodheart – Contract Real Estate Project Manager (Contract Land Staff)

Jerry Paquette – Contract Senior Field Agent (Contract Land Staff)

Jim Fortino – Contract Senior Field Agent (Liberty Core)

*All live in Michigan and have Michigan phone numbers.

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