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Lake Allegan Carnival Kayak Run 2024

August 17th (Rain Delay – Aug 18)

Noon (Eastern) to 4pm

Luis' Landing - 1961 Grandview Ave
(off Allegan Dam Road)

Join us for the first annual Lake Allegan Carnival Kayak Run on beautiful Lake Allegan.

•Kayakers paddle station to station and play carnival games at each stop. This event is for kayakers and canoeists of all ages. It's a chance to enjoy the lake, socialize with your neighbors and win prizes too.

•Kayakers start at Luis' Landing located at 1961 Grandview Avenue off Allegan Dam Road. Kayak drop offs at Luis' Landing can begin as early as 10:00 a.m. but stations will not be open until noon.

•Limited parking is available.

•Start any time after noon. This is not a race.

•We will give you a map.

•Each station is hosted by the family who owns the dock. Hosts will give you snacks and beverages.

•Stations will be marked with a black and white "Lake Allegan Association" sign and maps will be provided.


Detailed Description of the Carnival Kayak Run

•At each station, you will disembark from your kayak and participate in a carnival game, such as a Plinko©, Nerf© shooting gallery, maze ball, or a brain teaser puzzle. The games are designed to test your skills and add more fun to the event. Tickets for the prize drawings will be awarded for each game and collected at the end of the event.

•After completing each game, you climb back into your kayak and paddle to the next station.

•After completing the 7 stations, make your way to Luis' Landing for the awarding of prizes and socializing. Tickets will be collected and drawn randomly. Only one prize per participant. The Lake Allegan Kayak Carnival Run is a one-of-a-kind event that combines kayaking, carnival games, and beautiful scenery to create an unforgettable experience for all participants. We hope to see you there. How to Participate

•You must have your own kayak or canoe to participate. NO motorized watercraft

•Tickets must be purchased in advance for $5.00

•You must sign in, execute a waiver form and get your wristband upon arrival at Luis' Landing (1961 Grandview Avenue Allegan, MI). A parent or guardian for anyone under the age of 18 to sign waiver form.



•Email: Sharon Torregrosa

What to bring?

•Kayak or Canoe (tandems are also allowed) no motorized vehicles

•PFD on the craft is required!


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